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Thinking About Max Fitness? Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

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Thinking About Max Fitness? Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

Max Fitness Gym, since its inception, has striven to inspire people and encourage them to make this lifestyle change, if only for the better. The goal of all exercise is to make one stronger, fitter and more resistant to disease. With this overall fitness goal in mind, Max Fitness was born.

At Mix Fitness, regular workouts help you become the person you dream of being. And it is possible, with the timely and constant help of experienced and knowledgeable trainers who are by your side, watching you execute the moves day after day. Each gym here is called a Max Fitness Club.

Why Max Fitness?

These days, the competition for fitness brands is hotting up. However, this does not deter Max Fitness because it comes to the fitness-aware people of this world with its wisdom of fitness, the experience of training all kinds of people and people-friendly attitude. Max Fitness offers you its total combined experience of several years of all its trainers, thereby providing you great value for your exclusive fitness problems.

It also has under its roof all the tools, such as the latest equipment and resources that you need for your fitness goals and they require to be successful in this business. They also offer budget-friendly  memberships and have a willing-to-help attitude among the staff, clean facilities and a warm and inviting environment. This allows in various kinds of people with different mindsets but with one common goal of keeping fit.

Equipment used

At each of the Max Fitness locations in the United States, there is one resounding common factor: the latest and most useful material that is of immense value to all customers. For instance, you will always find aerobic and resistance training equipment for as many people as possible. The most commonly found Max Fitness Equipment found here includes Max Fitness Treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, stationary bike, and rowing or skiing machines and much more.

Among resistance training equipment, you’re sure to find a breaker bench, a selection of half and full racks, single-station and multi-station machines, free weights, racks and platforms, and several optional components. This range of exercise machines comprising Sports Art Fitness at Max Fitness gives its members a distinct edge over others exercising by other means elsewhere.

What Max Fitness offers

Membership: There are three levels of membership that this gym offers:

Month-to-Month Express: This gives access to members during staff hours only, Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm. Members pay $9.95 per month.

Month-to-Month Classic: Members are given 24-hour access to the gym and can use all the equipment here. For this, they are charged a monthly fee of $19.95.

Month-to-Month Platinum: Members who avail of this membership type are allowed to avail of all the features of the Classic membership and much more. For instance, they get tanning services, child care, discounts on vending and nutritional products and have unlimited first visit guest passes.

For these services, members in this category pay a monthly fee of $29.95.

Categories of training

Personal training:

This category of training presents countless benefits. For instance, you get the focused attention of a trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goal in the shortest time possible. By using a variety of result-oriented workouts, trainers can put you on the path to fitness quickly. Besides, they don’t just show you how to use the machines but discipline you with exercise principles that will guide you to achieve more and more. You also benefit from the guidance of professional trainers who set the pace and level of intensity based on your health profile.

Whats more, by being with you every day, your trainer can see those areas where you need more training and devise a program to suit your specific needs. And lastly, your trainer will provide the much-needed motivation and accountability to bring about best results in you. Members here realize the worth of these facts and opt for personalized training. Here, there’s dedication on both sides: yours and our trainers. This combined dedication helps achieve the desired results in you, as you move from one small milestone to another.

Fitness Assessment

At this gym, members are also given a fitness assessment based on which a customized plan is drawn up for you. Max Fitness’ fitness coach presents a general workout plan for you and offers you a free and customized program which will help achieve your goals.

Often, this level of customization satisfies customers a great deal.

Group Classes

Group classes help people get energized by those around them and throw in their level of energy doing a variety of exercises. These include:


“Regular cycling at a fast pace helps improve cardio health, strengthen bones, reduce stress, enhances joint mobility, posture, and coordination and reduces body fat levels.”

About 30-60 minutes of cycling five days a week helps immensely.


An hour of kickboxing a week should help you burn about 350 calories.  This will benefit you by giving you overall fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance.


A Yoga workout twice a week can provide you with flexibility, coordination, mental peace, stability, better sleep, and digestion and keep your temper under control.


Pilate exercises help develop a strong core, pelvis, back, and abdomen, resulting in better posture and overall flexibility.


This class is best for those members wanting to have toned muscles, achieve their weight loss goals and enhance stamina while enjoying a dance class.


The rhythmic movements of Zumba create a dynamic fitness system that everyone loves and benefits from. The slow and fast beats help sculpt and tone the body.

Read more on pole dancing classes


Better known as LesMills BODYPUMP™, this class helps tone, sculpt and strengthen the muscles of the entire body. With low weights and high reps, you can burn more fat, gain strength quickly and produce lean body muscle conditioning.

Combat exercises:

A mix of sports conditioning, boot camp and more and intensifies it a bit for better results.

Max Fitness Clubs are located in different American states. You can choose to go to the gym nearest you and reap the benefits of exercising regularly at these centers.

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